If you're like me, you wish you had more willpower and self-control... like when you're eating your sixth donut and binge watching Netflix. So here are three easy tricks from Fast Company to give you and I more willpower.

1.  Do the hardest things on your to-do list first.  You tend to be more productive on a daily basis that way, partly because people DON'T have an infinite amount of willpower.  It decreases throughout the day.

2.  Have a snack.  Researchers at Florida State found that doing something that requires self-control actually lowers your blood sugar.  And when your blood sugar is low, you have less willpower.

The one time it might NOT make sense is if you need more self-control to stay on a DIET.  In that case, just don't eat something that's high in sugar.  Things with protein or complex carbohydrates can have the same effect.

3.  Talk to yourself in the second person.  Meaning, use the word "you" instead of "I".  Researchers at the University of Illinois found that you gain more willpower by saying things like "YOU can do this," rather than "I can do this."

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