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It's Eggnog Season [POLL]
Eggnog is stocked in every Twin Falls grocery store for the holidays. For some of you, this is a good thing. For people like me, the sight of eggnog in the milk aisle makes me want to avoid the grocery store all together.
Food Storage in Twin Falls
Half of a dozen people have talked to me about storing extra food in my home in case of a natural disaster recently. I'm not sure if the presidential election is making this top of mind for them, or they can just tell that I am not the type to store food. I've never thought having extra fo…
Best Way To Wake Up
Let's talk about something we all dread - our alarm clocks. Are you a person who snoozes? Or, do you get out of bed as soon as you alarm goes off? If you don't have any issues waking up, I need your help.
Lagoon's Cannibal
We love it when Mathew Brander Designs and Photography shares his greatness with us.
Recently, Mathew and his wife Summer, from Summer Brander Photography, rode Lagoon's Cannibal. Summer re-acted like every girl I know. And rightfully so...
Twin Falls Rumor
I scanned over a comment on KEZJ's Facebook page this morning that I had to read twice because it CAN"T be true.
5 Most Mispronounce Words
We all mispronounce words. I'm famous for mispronouncing last names. Sorry! I've also been known to combine words. I like to think I'm not the only person that screws up the English language. Right?
Fair Food Combinations
Let's talk fair food. Last year at the Twin Falls County Fair, I tried a hamburger on a donut bun. It was probably the best burger at the fair. Other combinations have been going on for years. Peaches and cream, caramel apples, fish burgers, pork sundaes and more.

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