Every person who eats food should probably reduce their sugar intake. Sugar is one of the most addictive additives in food today. Combined with fat and salt, sugar is the evil trinity of food additives. Opting for foods made with artificial sugar is not changing anything for the better.

People trying to cut back on their sugar intake often opt for sugar substitutes. But there is no proof sugar substitutes help at all when it comes to weight loss. Now there is evidence one artificial sweetener may be causing permanent damage to your DNA.

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Sucralose-6-acetate sounds super delicious, right? Well, you may have some of this genotoxic sweetener in your cupboard right now. It disrupts the DNA structure. Since being introduced into food, how much of our DNA has been damaged already? Those little yellow packets could be the reason for X-Men-type mutants to overtake the world.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Has our society become so addicted to sweetness that in order to obtain it and still stay thin, we’re willing to become like the underground mutants on Futurama? No longer can we stand by the ‘sugar-free’ zone in safety. It may be DNA altering you just by looking at it. Run fast, run far, run free of artificial sugar.

What if People Who Can't Have Sugar Feel Left Out?

Yes, persons with diabetic issues do need to watch their sugar intake. Sugar does not cause diabetes by itself and artificial sweeteners alone will not fix it. People with health issues related to sugar should cut back on sugar. It stinks. People with lactose intolerance should not eat cheese. People with celiac disease should not eat gluten. Short kids can’t ride the fun rides their taller friends get to ride at the amusement park. Who said life was fair?

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Now there can be another separate table at the bake sale. There is the all-in table, the food allergy table, and the DNA altering table. See how popular those treats are when you word them that way.

Go all in and eat the sugar, or if you are craving something sweet but, don’t want the added sugar, there is this crazy thing called fruit. Eat better. Be better.

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