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Idahoans Can Get Paid $2,000 To Stay In 5 Star Resort
You hear about these "dream jobs" more and more lately and they are so cool. They seem too good to be true but they are legit. A company will pay one lucky person $2,000 dollars to stay in a 5 star resort for 5 nights. All you have to do is apply.
7 Inventions Idahoans Didn't Create; But Made Better
Sure there are a ton of great things Idahoans did make, like the television apparently. But, there are some things that Idaho didn't invent but definitely made better. We have a list of some of those because Idaho knows how to make things better.
Idaho Lawmaker Give "Bunny Ears" To Fellow Representative
State Representative Chad Christensen is making headlines for having a sense of humor and giving bunny ears to fellow Idaho Representative Randy Armstrong. You can tell he was trying to figure out exactly how to pull it off and how to keep from bursting into laughter.

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