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Zodiac Signs Explained As Idahoans; What's Your Sign
Pretty much everyone loves looking at their Zodiac sign, even if you don't necessarily believe it it's interesting to see what each sign has unique to them. At least according to whoever made them. So we did the Zodiac signs as what they would be as Idahoans. Let us know if we got it right…
7 Twin Falls Id Events That Are Going To Make You Feel Old
I have only lived in Twin Falls for a little over 5 years but I feel like I was meant to be here my entire life. This place has so much history and I started digging into things. So I found some Twin Falls events you might remember, and it is going to make you feel old.
The Ten "Most Redneck" Towns In Idaho
Redneck isn't a bad term in Idaho, in fact some may use this list as a guide for their next move. A YouTuber decided to create a "scientific" list of the most redneck towns in Idaho and I can't tell if he nailed it or completely flubbed it.
Twin Falls Cops Caught On Camera Catching Cow
Add cow wranglers to the job description of Twin Falls Police, Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office and Twin Falls Animal Control. Over the weekend they banded together to get their cowboy and cowgirl on to catch a cow that was on the loose.

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