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New Company Policy
Every company offers their employee's sick days. Some company's even offer mental health days.
I use my sick days for when my kids are sick, and I would never have the nerve to call in and ask for a mental health day. I would however consider using a "I fought with my spouse last n…
December Birthdays
If your birthday isn't in December you probably have a friend or family member with a December birthday. Here are 15 things only they will understand about having a birthday in December:
Spencer's Own in the KEZJ Studio
Spencer's Own joined The Morning Show with Brad and Jackie this morning. Quinn, Nate, Morgan, Jordon and Nic all squeezed in the studio to tell Brad and Jackie about their new song, "Livin' in the Moment".
Their new song is available for download right now
Top 10 Things We Worry About
We all worry about things. It's human nature but do you worry that you worry too much? Wrap your head around that one. What a vicious cycle...
KMVT's Rise and Shine Host Calls Brad and Jackie a What?
Have you ever said something you didn't mean to? Or, maybe you sent an email that you wished you could un-send. Watch Brad and Jackie Skype with Jack and Arielle.
Arielle may have accidentally called Brad and Jackie something other than hosts, and Jack always sends two emails when sending an att…

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