The 957 KEZJ studio has been my home every morning for the past 11 years. Earlier this year I decided it was simple time to move on. Insert bowling ball in my stomach here.

Before I move on, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to every KEZJ listener. Thank you for not only giving me a chance, but embracing my silly personality.

Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to stop by a live broadcast and give me a friendly hug. Thank you for the support you all showed during our St Jude Radio-a-thons. Thank you for everyone who has ever called the studio, emailed me, or commented on KEZJ's social media pages.

I'm so grateful for everything you, our listeners, have taught me.

KEZJ listeners have always made the station what it is. Rather you come for the music, weather, news, or the Morning Show you truly do make up what KEZJ is.

I joined The Morning Show with Brad Weiser in 2006. To say it's an honor to work with Brad is an understatement. You would be hard pressed to find a better, more genuine, thoughtful, funny, and smart co-host. He has become like a brother to me and I'm so grateful.

Many of you have asked if I am moving out of the area, or just switching careers. Southern Idaho will continue to be my home. I plan on spending the summer with my 2 little boys, obtaining my real estate license, and joining the real estate world on September 4th. I'm hoping you will join Brad in wishing me good luck on my next adventure.

Thank you again for laughing at me, laughing with me, and giving me a chance. My last day on air will be May 31st.

| Jackie aka Jaci Walker |


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