So many people use the "I'm getting fit this year" as their New Year Resolution. If you are searching for a fun way to get in shape, this just might be the best option for you. To me, if I can have fun while working out it goes a lot smoother.

The Great Escape Studio Offers Drumming As Exercise

The Great Escape Studio is located in Twin Falls at 616 B Blue Lakes Blvd North. I am not quite sure how long they have been open but I do know that you can do an exercise class that involves drumming. "Cardio Drumming" is where they put a yoga ball on a fixture to secure it, give you drum sticks, and lead you through a cardio workout. Right now it appears the cardio drumming class is Thursday at 6 pm

The Great Escape Studio Offers Other Classes as Well

The studio also offers Zumba classes, Strong Fitness (otherwise known as HIIT), and REFIT. Classes are Monday through Thursday at 6 pm and on Saturday morning at 10 am.

Prices For Walk In And Unlimited Classes

They are accepting all fitness levels and walk-ins are welcome. They are either $5 dollars or $10 dollars. Unlimited passes are available for $60 dollars. They have specials randomly that give discounts. You can follow their Facebook page to get more information on classes offered and times.

If you are looking for some alternative fitness options you could always give drumming as cardio, or any of these other classes, a go.

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