10 Idaho Towns You Need To Visit At Least Once
Even being a local Idahoan, sometimes we forget that there are tons of places to visit in our great state. I really hope to make it everywhere in this state at least once. We have a list of some Idaho towns and cities you have to visit at least once, even if it is just to say you were there.
Events That Need To Become A Thing At Twin Falls City Park
We have a bunch of amazing events at the Twin Falls City Park. I love Ice Cream Fun Day, Western Days, Twin Falls Tonight series, Beer Fest, I mean so many great things. But as a Twin Falls resident, we always want more stuff to do right? So I came up with some events that need to become a thing at …
Bellevue To Get New Health Clinic For Uninsured Residents
St. Luke's Wood River Foundation is planning on expanding and funding a medical center to help those in Blaine County who are not insured or underinsured. According to the news release, over 700 Blaine County patients traveled to Family Health Services Clinics in Jerome or Fairfield.
Twin Falls Featured In Disney+ Documentary About Stuntman
Twin Falls is known for lots of things, one of them being the place that Evel Knieval failed to jump the Snake River Canyon in his rocket. Eddie Braun, another stunt man, decided to try the jump again decades later. Disney+ has created a documentary about the event featuring, of course, Twin Falls a…
Former Idahoan Now Olympian Tries To Break Tokyo "Anti-Sex" Bed
Before anyone jumps the gun here, the "anti-sex" bed rumor is just a rumor. It has been debunked. For those who don't know anything I am talking about, listen up. In Tokyo, the Olympic Village beds are made out of cardboard. Someone said that was to prevent Olympians from unnecessary …

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