Best Pandemic At Home Workouts
This ongoing pandemic thing has made going to the gym with a bunch of sweaty, hot-breathed people a whole lot less appealing (not that I was every a GTL kind of guy). However, over the past few months I have figured out a few things that make working out at home a little bit better.
Golds Gym Controversy
Here we go again. Everyone's offended. The question is, do they have right to be? Recently Gold's Gym Dreamland posted a picture of a pear with the caption that said, "This is no shape for a girl".
Is CrossFit Better Than Lifting?
If you made a New Years resolution to get more fit, or you have been involved in the fitness industry in the past. You may have an opinion or questions about CrossFit verse weight lifting.
The Most Awesome Push Up Ever
People like this make me jealous of their athleticism and commitment to fitness.
Note that I watched this while stuffing a handful of Ruffles Sour Cream 'n Cheddar chips into my face.
US Army May Do Away With Sit-Up Requirement
In what some say is an attempt to make its training more practical, the Army may soon drop the sit-up from its fitness requirements.
The army is testing a new fitness regiment that includes running an obstacle course with 40 to 70 pounds of combat gear on and dragging a sled weighing 180 p…