I absolutely love dogs and walking my pets. However, I also like to frequent the Canyon Rim Trail as a walker or jogger. I still can't ride a bike, but I know people who like to ride their bikes as well. For anyone walking their dog, please be mindful of these things.

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  • 1

    Pick up their poop

    I know it seems like a no brainer, but seriously, the trail sometimes is covered in doggy doo. Can you please make sure you have plastic bags to pick up after your dog.

  • 2

    Keep them on a leash

    Even though I love dogs and I want every dog to run up and say hi to me, doesn't mean that everyone else does. Having a dog off leash can cause issues with bicyclists and runners. Some dogs just like to chase people who run or things that drive.

  • 3

    If they aren't friendly, tell other dog owners

    I don't know about your dogs, but mine are super friendly and want to make friends with everyone. My female dog can be a little nippy so I tell any other dog owner that before I let my dog anywhere near their dog. If your dog doesn't like other dogs it is completely fine, just let another dog owner know before their dog gets to your dog and a fight breaks out.

  • 4

    Bring water

    I know this also sounds like a no brainer, but I have seen some dog owners, either not knowing how extensive or how hot the trail would be, not bringing water for their pups. I will gladly give you mine if I see you. just be aware.

  • 5

    Try to keep them on one side

    This one is definitely a try, I totally get not being able to control every step your dog takes, but if it is busy both directions on the trail, try not to get in the way of people walking either around you or the opposite direction. People shouldn't have to run in the dirt because your dogs are taking up the entire trail. Again, just a try.

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