The Duran Group Powered by Re/MAX Legacy Hometown Hero award for the month of June is underway. We have three nominees that are absolutely amazing. Vote for who you think should be named the Duran Group Powered by Re/MAX Legacy Hometown Hero for June.

Rachel Anderson

According to the nominator, Rachel is one of the most caring and dedicated people they have ever met. Rachel works with PAWS Animal Rescue and does everything in her power to help rescue every animal she can. The nominator said she encompasses everything in the definition of a hero, fighting for the underdog and making them know life matters.

Masha Saul

According to the nominator, Masha goes out of her way to make sure everyone is taken care of and will help with whatever task is needed without hesitation. Masha is a full-time mom, a full-time college student and helps her boyfriend run a business, and works 2 jobs.


Cole Hoffman

According to the nominator, Cole Hoffman is a firefighter who risks his own life to help save others. The nominator said while also being a great father, he works 24-hour shifts to protect the city. The nominator said while he is not working he spends time coaching, is on the board for Northside Baseball and softball and spends time with his children.

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