POLL: Have You Tried The Kajun Pot In Wendell?
I came across The Kajun Pot's Facebook page earlier today and had to see what they were all about. They are a Cajun food truck that will apparently deliver if you are close enough in Wendell. I have to know how it is.
Clock Changing Time Again, Should Idaho Boycott?
Daylight Saving Time is coming to an end. This Saturday night, Sunday morning get ready to change those clocks back again. Maybe it is time for Idahoans to boycott the time change, after all if everyone refuses to change the clock, no one is early or late.
Twin Falls Let's Party: It's National Taco Day
If you were having a rough Friday, things just go better. It is National Taco Day and nobody can be sad while they are eating tacos. There are some great deals going on right now and we also want to know where your favorite place to celebrate is.

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