We are dwindling down to the best restaurants in Twin Falls and for our next section of the bracket we have the Bar and Grill section. So if you want your favorite bar and grill to continue in the March Madness Restaurant brackets you need to vote for them.

If we missed any bar and grills again it was not intentional nor malicious. We are trying to have fun with this and if we missed something please let us know so we can add great eateries to our list.

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For the bar and grill section there was a lot of overlap with the steakhouse or miscellaneous section so we did our best to categorize without giving anyone an unfair advantage by being in twice. So vote for who you think should be in the final 8 for bar and grill.

We have already done Mexican Restaurants, Diners, and steakhouses, now we have bar and grill. If you miss the first rounds here are the winners so far:

Mexican Restaurants - Janitzios, La Fiesta, Don Juans, El Toro, Tacos Villa, Cafe Rio, 9 Beans and Costa Vida

Diner's - Depot Grill, Idaho Joes, Norms Cafe, Shari's Cafe, Buffalo Cafe, Applebees, Kneaders and Abracadabras.

Make sure you keep checking back as we start to dwindle them down more and more. We are going to keep things in the categorized brackets for now but eventually we are going to mix things up. Thanks to everyone for playing along and let's keep the madness going.

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