A little over a week ago I started working with my 7 month old Border Collie Robbie on Clicker/Positive Reinforcement Training. It's true what I've read: Border Collies are the smartest dog breed. Robbie has quickly picked up the training, and actually asks for more every day. Check out the video of my pup performing!

So far Robbie knows:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Lay Down
  • Play Dead
  • Up
  • Touch
  • Kisses
  • Come

As you'll see in the video he actually anticipates some of the tricks and gets a little ahead of himself when he tries to go from "down" to "lay down." When I take too long between tricks Robbie will often "Touch" the clicker to tell me he's ready for more.

I've never used Clicker Training before, but I've found it to be very rewarding and a whole lot of fun. I was using a free clicker app on my iPhone for a while, but Robbie started to identify my iPhone as a reward signal so every time I would check my email, text, or check Facebook Robbie would expect a treat.

I'm really proud of Robbie and I love my dog. Can you tell?

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