Seeing big animals in Idaho isn't that uncommon. There are always wild creatures making their way into town or around residents. There is a wide range of wildlife in the area that get curious from time to time but rarely do these animals begin making their way to grocery stores, busy streets, and getting too close to people. Recently, a video surfaced online of a large animal doing a little grocery shopping, and it has many talking about it. What is to stop this from happening in the Magic Valley?

Moose Steals Groceries At Costco

Imagine taking your cart full of groceries to your car after leaving Costco, opening your trunk, and turning around to see a moose going through your groceries. The fear in your body would likely freeze you, but the moose means no harm, she is only hungry. One woman in Alaska experienced this recently, and her response above is classic. Telling the moose it is very big, and offering to give it the food it seeks, which happens to be sweet potatoes, if it will back away. While this hasn't happened in Twin Falls yet, it could be a matter of time until it does one day. How would you react if you saw this massive beast digging through your cart?

Moose Grocery Shopping in Alaska

Living in Alaska, this is likely a common occurrence, as nobody seems to be too surprised to see this moose in the parking lot. Most people would be scared, but this woman isn't backing down and appears to be arguing with the large creature. The moose doesn't get rattled or appear overly aggressive, which is a good sign. Costco has great deals and good food, so it isn't surprising to see that wildlife agrees and even wants part of what they are selling. The best option in this scenario would be to get in the car and wait the moose out, or perhaps invite it over to dinner because it is interested in what you are taking home.

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Hopefully, moose from the South Hills don't make their way into the Costco parking lot anytime soon, but if they do, make sure to offer them some sweet potatoes apparently, because according to the video, they might like them. Stay calm, don't panic, and let them take whatever they please.

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