There are at least two sides to every argument. Regarding surveillance, the hazy gray areas aren’t just on the video. Where is the line for your doorbell videos and law enforcement?

There is no question that a Ring doorbell camera is a favorite of homeowners. Since Ring (formerly DoorBot) was introduced and shot down on the show Shark Tank, it has found its way to millions of homes. Ring offers cameras in doorbells, around the house, and indoors as well.

A very popular feature homeowners find invaluable is the Neighbors app for Ring owners. It allows users to alert each other of suspicious activity or problems that may arise in areas near them by posting messages or videos. A feature of the app was available to law enforcement to request videos from users.

What Access Did Law Enforcement Have to Owners of Ring Products?

Originally, law enforcement could send private emails to particular clients of Ring to request video. When it was deemed an invasion of privacy for law enforcement to have access to that information, a new system was instituted. Law enforcement could request openly through the Neighbors app if anyone had footage that would help the investigation.

How Does Law Enforcement Use Ring Apps Now?

The close relationship between Ring and law enforcement has been pushed apart a bit further. Now, law enforcement is not allowed to use the app to solicit video submissions. They are allowed to post information through the Neighbors app for safety tips, events in the area, and updates.

If a Ring homeowner wishes to submit a video to law enforcement, it is their video to do with as they see fit. Law enforcement can ask for assistance, they just can’t use the Neighbors app to do so.

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