At times it seems like the snow will never stop. It also seems like you will never stop shoveling snow, which is beginning to take its toll on many in the Gem State. You go out and shovel in the morning, it snows more, you shovel in the afternoon, it snows more, and then you shovel in the evening, to watch it snow all night. The process seems endless and it is tiring. While there are other means than shoveling, such as a snow blower, to help clear the snow, there is one way to clear it that is better than the rest and will save you time and energy.

The Best Way to Clear Snow in Idaho

While shovel is effective, it takes plenty of time and effort and can hurt your body for a couple of days following. Snow blowers are helpful and speed up the process, but they rarely get down to the concrete, causing you to still shovel after. The best way to remove snow from your walkways and driveway is to use a flamethrower. As you watch the video above, notice how simple it is to use, and how quickly and effectively the snow is going away. The man can get down to concrete and it is taking only a matter of seconds. There is a risk with using a flamethrower, but the time it saves and the pain it saves on your back, shoulders, neck, and legs might be worth the risk.

Can You Use a Flamethrower to Melt Snow in Idaho?

While the first video showed a flamethrower working decently, it is more effective on ice than snow according to the video above this paragraph. The temperature and how packed the snow is can play a factor. The video above breaks down the type of fuel and flamethrower needed to melt snow but ultimately decides that shoveling is the most accurate way to remove snow. Is that true though in Idaho?

Is it Safe to Melt Snow with a Flamethrower?

There are select flamethrowers that you can purchase legally and use in Idaho. Most of them are sold and used for ditch burning in the area, and should not be used in city limits. Using one to melt snow like this is effective, but comes with risks. Notice in the video that there are no vehicles or people around or in his path. It is important to note if you go this route to only use it in a clear area where the only thing that will be affected by the flame is the snow you are trying to clear. With how much snow there has been in the Magic Valley recently and the cold temperatures, it would have been a great scenario to use a flamethrower, and if more snow does come through, it might be something worth investing in. 

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Not everyone is in a situation where they can safely use a flamethrower or buy one, but if you can, it is worth a try to see if it saves time and energy. You might become everyone's favorite neighbor if you begin using a flamethrower to help them clear out their driveways and walkways. If anything, it will be fun to attempt. Remember though, to only try this if nobody is around, no vehicles are around, and you know how to use one.

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