Living in Idaho, it isn't uncommon to see wild animals. Deer, moose, raccoons, and hawks, are all spotted in the area. One of the most common ones to see is elk. Typically when residents see elk in the area, it is by itself or perhaps a small herd, but have you ever seen hundreds of elk together? It isn't often that a herd this size moves together, but recently west of Idaho, a massive herd of elk was leaping across the road and forced traffic to stop and wait.

Huge Herd of Elk Stop Traffic

The video above is the most elk I have ever seen together at one time. If you can't see the video above you can watch it on Facebook. A herd of 30 elk is usually a good size, but this one easily goes over a hundred. For those who enjoy hunting, it must be tough to watch that much meat running and hopping in front of you, knowing there is nothing you can do. This video was filmed in eastern Oregon, on Highway 237. It is mesmerizing to watch this many walk elk running across the road and leaping the fence. Imagine driving down the road and looking over to your left or right and seeing this come towards your vehicle, not knowing what will happen next. It is a little intimidating, but a sight to behold and something these witnesses will never forget.

Hunting Elk in Idaho

Credit: Jon Cartagena on Unsplash
Credit: Jon Cartagena on Unsplash

For animal lovers, this video is incredible, but for many in Idaho who hunt elk, this video has to be frustrating to watch. Elk are not the hardest animal to find in the area, but they typically are easy to spot in places that you are unable to hunt. Seeing this many in one area, likely in a place to you can't legally hunt has to be frustrating, seeing that many potential tags and all that meat and fur cross right in front of you. As a plus, many hunters in the area may contemplate making a trip to eastern Oregon, knowing this many elk are roaming in that area. 

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It is currently elk hunting season, and perhaps some of this herd will navigate into Idaho. Let this video give you encouragement for those who have not tagged anything yet, that there are plenty of elk out there to be had. They may all be in Oregon currently, but they are out there. If you come across an incident like this, pull out your phone and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime sight.

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