The Magic Valley is a relatively safe place to live, and it isn't uncommon for many of us to leave our doors unlocked, or even our cars unlocked. Most people feel like your neighbor and it makes it easy to be more trusting with locking things up. Sometimes when you get home your arms can be full, or you have to make a few trips and you may forget to lock your door to your car if you are someone that normally does. A video surfaced recently that you need to lock your doors at all times even if you are a trusting person and don't typically lock them.

WATCH: Video of Men Attempting to Break Into Cars

As you can see in the video above, there are consequences for those that do not lock their doors in the Magic Valley. These men did not seem to take matters into their own hands by breaking windows or damaging cars, which is the good news, but if a door had been unlocked they would have been able to get whatever they wanted and been on their way. It may seem simple, but take a simple second to make sure your car is locked when you go into the home, a store, church, work, or anywhere else. It doesn't take a thief long to open a door snatch some valuables and be on their way. 

Car Break-Ins in the Magic Valley

Credit: PraewBlackWhile
Credit: PraewBlackWhile

As the weather warms up, crime typically increases in the area. Car break-ins have been an issue for the past few years. A report back in 2021, showed that there were 9 reported break-ins in October of 2020, but that number more than quadrupled the following October with 50 reported break-ins. You may think it won't happen to you, but somebody may have already attempted to break into your car, but like the men in the video were disappointed to find out your door was locked. It is always a good idea to double and triple-check, especially at night before going to bed. 

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Tonight when you go home, make sure your car is locked, your house is locked, and maybe even your window. As sad as it is, you have to do a little more than is necessary to make sure you are safe. Make sure to check your doorbell and outdoor cameras as well, because you might be surprised to find out who visited in the middle of the night. If you have teenagers that drive, especially make sure to check their cars at night, and bring any valuables inside just in case.

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