Living in Idaho it isn't uncommon to see a moose from time to time. Some will go out of their way to see them and watch them frolic and play in the spring or fall, but typically residents know to leave them alone and not to approach them. These majestic animals are big, aggressive, and intimidating. You are taught early on in your time in Idaho to never approach a moose and to keep your distance. This is all good advice, but what should someone do if they see a baby moose that is injured and no mama is around to help it? One man north of Idaho had this decision to make and documented how he helped a baby moose survive. 

Man Saves Baby Moose in Canada

What should you do if you are driving down the road and see a baby moose injured or see an animal attacking it like a bear, and there is still a chance to save it? One man in Canada saw this, as a bear was dragging a young male moose away, in front of him and his son. The man scared the bear away and helped the baby moose into his car to take it home and help treat it. The young animal was able to recover and after struggling with a diet for a bit, was able to eventually build up its strength and be released back into the wild. The story is happy and sad at once, knowing this man had to say goodbye to an animal he cared for, and the moose had to say goodbye to its parental figure. That is not the ending to this story though, as the video above shows they would be reunited in the wild and have a special relationship. 

What to Do If Spot an Injured Moose in the Wild

Photo courtesy Idaho Fish and Game
Photo courtesy Idaho Fish and Game

Bringing a moose home is never a good idea. While this man's story had a happy ending, it is not a smart idea to bring a wild animal home in any circumstance. If you spot an injured animal like a moose, bear, dear, or especially a baby with no parent around, it is best to call Idaho Fish and Game to come out and take care of it. Your intentions to help are great, but it can put you in danger, your family, and the animal. Letting professionals deal with it is always the smart route to go. You can stay and monitor the animal, but taking it home is not an option in any circumstance. 

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Check out the video above if you want to get a little emotional today, or to see a moose you are bummed you can't tag because it is in Canada. The next time you see a wild animal that is injured or in danger, make sure to contact the right authorities to come out and help, and leave it to them to help it recover and get back into the wild. As much as you want to help, by contacting the proper authorities you are already doing more than those that ignored the animal in need. 

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