The crime rate in Northern California seems to be worse than ever, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. There have been multiple places closing their doors due to such high crime in the area, such as In-N-Out and Denny's. The criminals have no fear and are committing crimes in broad daylight, with little repercussions. One crime took place this week that shocked customers, and employees, and has the internet buzzing, because it was all caught on camera. It could force the store to shut down if nothing is done about the crime in the Northern California area.

Man Steals 49 Phones From Apple Store

A man this week decided to walk into an Apple store in the Bay Area during business hours, while the store was decently busy, and decided to stuff his pants and pockets with 49 phones. After getting every phone he could, he walked out the door, past a police car, got in his car, and went about his day. The video raises tons of questions. Why did nobody step in to stop the man? Why was it so easy for him to commit this crime? Where was the officer that was not in the car out front? What is he planning to do with these phones? They are not activated, since they were the demo phones, and likely not be if taken to a store since they are known to be stolen. Why the crime is shocking, it piles onto what has been happening in the area and has been forcing other businesses to close.

Will Apple Be Forced to Close After Theft?

It is not a good look that a police car was sitting directly outside of the store, without a cop inside, and that this man was able to act like this was any other day. This is a reoccurring theme in the area with In-N-Out set to close later this year due to theft, property damage, and car break-ins. A Denny's in the area is closing for similar reasons, stating the concern of their employees' safety. Theft and robbery increased by 37 percent last year, and it appears early in 2024 that it could continue to rise. With a loss of nearly half a hundred phones, Apple could be the next store that closes in the Oakland area due to crime and safety reasons.

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To read more about Denny's and In-N-Out closing, make sure to click the link in the first paragraph above. After watching the video above, would you want to be in an Apple store while that happens? The good news is that it appears nobody was hurt in the incident, but it is still alarming that multiple businesses are closing due to the high crime rate and it is worth asking, who is next and when will it stop?

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