I am the worst when it comes to road rage. I get angry at the slightest inconvenience. Maybe that is the city girl in me, I need to calm down a bit. We want to know which traffic violations and infractions that you see the most in Twin Falls and which ones are the most irritating to you.

When I first moved here it was really hard for me to get used to everything being so much slower on the roads. I was used to 45 mph to 80 mph speed limits everywhere I went. I much prefer the roads and commute now, it just took some getting used to. What traffic issues do you see the most and find the most infuriating?

I have to say I think I have seen more people run red lights here than I did in Las Vegas. Fortunately, running red lights here usually doesn't end in catastrophe like it can in bigger cities. Again, so thankful for the reduced speed limits.

I have always found it frustrating when people don't use their turn signal, or when people keep their turn signals on and don't turn, or people who turn their turn signals on 3 turns before they actually need to turn. Turn signals just frustrate me I guess.

I know I am not alone. I also know that people and drivers here are way nicer and even with "road rage" I much prefer this community. We have some great people here, even if we all don't drive the best.

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