Yes, we are talking about the time change, again, like we do twice a year. Mostly because I actually think the time change is a bit ridiculous and it is coming up March 14th. Spring Forward is my least favorite, I hate losing an hour of sleep.

I honestly don't think I have found a single person that enjoys the time change. I know people who enjoy the extra sunlight, I know people who enjoy the weather and the time of year but actually changing the clocks, I don't know anyone that is like yes, let me get up earlier but not actually earlier and throw off my routine. How does Idaho finally get rid of Daylight Saving time?

I really want to know if you enjoy the time change. Like I said, the time of year is probably my favorite. The weather is starting to get better and brighter and warmer. I am even ok with it not getting dark until 10 p.m. which a lot of people find strange. The more sun and the more heat the better for me. I just wish my schedule didn't get all thrown out of whack for a month and a half.

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If everyone just decided to stay on the same time and not change their clocks would it work? I mean law makers would have to take notice then right? Or maybe we would all get fired for being late to work. I am not sure. All I know is I am over the time change.

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