EllieMae Millenkamp is from Jerome Idaho and was featured on The Voice. She got Blake Shelton to turn his chair around. Unfortunately, her tenure on the show was not long but EllieMae is proving to everyone that Blake Shelton makes mistakes.

EllieMae has been playing local shows for the last year or so, most recently opening up for Sam Riggs and Lainey Wilson. And if I do say so myself, she is amazing. Blake Shelton really made a mistake letting her go because she is a star.

Every time I tried to get her personality I was a little too late with the camera but she has me cracking up through her entire set. She is so adorable, her humor is relatable and she is easy to love. Her vocal range is phenomenal as well.

I don't know if I am just being biased because she is a Jerome native but I think Blake Shelton made a serious mistake not keeping this girl on his team. I bet she could help him win.

EllieMae will also be at Gordy's Hwy 30 Music Fest in June so if you want to see more for her you should get tickets and support this local stars dream. She is all country, she made jokes about her time on the farm and how the people in California were completely clueless to her life. I know I fell in love with this talented star so fast and if you see her perform I have a feeling you will too.

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Good luck EllieMae we will be following you.

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