A lot of tragedy has occurred in the last week. Many people have been spending a lot of time on their knees. I personally, haven't had a conversation that hasn't involved 2 stories. Locally, we have had an extreme tragedy due to bullying. My heart has been broken for the friends and family involved! It's a horrific tragedy!

While people try to place blame, the fact of the matter is...something is extremely lacking in the up-bringing of our youth. How can we be raising children that are so cruel?

I'm devastated about the world we live in. It seems like every six months I am picking up my child from school and crying on the way home because I am so thankful he wasn't harmed.

On Friday, news stories hit the air of a school shooting that occurred at Marysville Pilchuck High School in Washington. The news story brought me to tears for obvious reasons. I was quickly reminded of the day I sobbed in the school parking lot in 2012.

I sobbed on December, 14th 2012 for 20 FIRST GRADE students that were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  All of the victims were shoot between 3 and 11 times.

We may ignore these news stories by placing the blame...or saying this didn't happen in our hometown but, things are getting really close to home. You don't have to look far to see that children are dying. So what is the answer? I know there isn't one magical answer but WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!

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