Here's how you can report troublesome potholes to the City of Twin Falls.

Our YouTube friend, Hey Arnel has created a nice little PSA that points out some of the more nasty spots around Twin Falls.

[Disclaimer: There's at least one colorful adjective in this video so you might not want to watch if there are little ears in the room.] 

The City of Twin Falls has some tips on avoiding potholes altogether.

The city is asking drivers to use caution and be aware that pooling water may be covering potholes. If possible, please avoid driving through areas with significant water accumulation on roadways. Residents are also asked to report potholes and other road hazards by calling 311. -

As you can see in the video, city workers are doing their very best to keep up, but patches don't last because snow melt can start tearing at them before they have a chance to set.

If you need to report a pothole, contact the Twin Falls City Streets Department or call 311.

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