Yep, Twin Falls Is Melting, Excessive Heat Warning This Week
That feeling you have been having lately when you walk out of the house and try to mow your lawn or enjoy some summer fun, the excessive sweating, feeling like your melting sensation, yep, that is the Excessive Heat Warning. It will be in effect until at least Wednesday with another warning expected…
POLL: What's More Dangerous; Idaho Wind or Idaho Snow?
I honestly don't have a great answer for this. According to some studies, Idaho has been in the top 5 for most dangerous conditions driving in snow. However, I spoke with some truck drivers and people who spend a lot of time on the road, they said they would rather drive in snow than wind.
An Open Letter To Idaho's Mother Nature
The only thing I do not love would have to be the weather. And let me be clear, I love the weather, I do not like the temperamental Mother Nature that controls Idaho. Idaho has it's own Mother and she is on a rampage.
Several Avalanches In Sawtooth Near Galena
This week there has been a couple of different avalanche warnings expressed by the Sawtooth Avalanche Center in Ketchum. Several of avalanches occurred this week and a specialist breaks it down, and shows some awesome photos.

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