On one hand, I'm sure the people who manufacture the Little Hotties brand of hand warmers feel bad about this and don't like having to deal with a lawsuit.  On the other hand . . . what an endorsement for the quality of their hand warmers!

 On February 5th, 24-year-old Lauren Self of Madison, Alabama had one of the Little Hotties hand warmers in her back pocket.

 Those are the hand warmers that come in a little bag . . . you crinkle or shake the bag, and they provide you with hours of heat.

 But, Lauren says when she reached back to grab the hand warmer . . . it caught on FIRE.  It burned through her clothes and set her BUTTOCKS ON FIRE.

 She was in the hospital for a week for burn injuries.

 Now she's suing Implus Footwear of North Carolina, which is the company that makes Little Hotties.  She's seeking unspecified damages . . . AND requesting that the hand warmers are DISCONTINUED.

A spokesman from Implus Footwear didn't have a comment on the suit.

 Via (Huntsville Times)