Before anyone jumps the gun here, the "anti-sex" bed rumor is just a rumor. It has been debunked. For those who don't know anything I am talking about, listen up. In Tokyo, the Olympic Village beds are made out of cardboard. Someone said that was to prevent Olympians from unnecessary contact.

The Tokyo Olympics won't really have spectators, Japan is still very much masking up and taking extra precautions due to COVID 19 so I guess it would be somewhat believable that they would create beds that couldn't withstand extra weight to prevent athletes from not maintaining social distancing. Well, the real reason that the beds are made of cardboard is so they will be able to recycle the bedding after the athletes leave. I am sure it was a bit more cost effective too because hosting the Olympics isn't exactly cheap.

Regardless, Jordin has made a fan out of me. That extra little elbow drop onto the bed just really got me. Good luck to him I really hope he does well. I will be following him as much as I can.

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