In a post on Facebook yesterday, the Twin Falls Animal Shelter reported that dogs are vanishing in Southern Idaho in alarming numbers. Dogs from Wendell, Hagerman, Twin Falls, Buhl, Rupert, and other Magic Valley communities are not returning home, aren't being found, called in, or being found alongside the road.

They are simply disappearing.

There is speculation that a dog fighting ring has formed in Southern Idaho and our missing pets are being used to fight, or as "bait dogs," and the rumors are becoming to persistent to ignore.

So how do we protect our beloved dogs from these monsters? Here's what the Twin Falls Animal Shelter recommends:

Report Your Missing Dog to the Police: Call the local dispatch number, DO NOT dial 911 unless it is an emergency. Dispatch for Twin Falls City is (208) 735-4357, Twin Falls county is (208) 735-1911. They may not be able to do anything about it but they need to know the alarming amount of missing pets and be as concerned as we are.

Report Suspicious Activity: If you know something speak up! There are many correlations found between abuse toward animals and abuse to humans. By speaking up about animal abuse you may very well be saving a human life.

Keep Your Pets Safe: Do not leave your dog outside unattended. Lock your gate on your fence, and do not let your dog run loose. Use a locked kennel, garage, or your house to protect your dog.

Do Not Give Away Free Animals: If you can't re-home your dog or cat with a trusted friend or relative then please contact your local shelter. Places like Craigslist have been running warnings about this for months now. This is believed to be the primary way the dog fighting rings are acquiring animals.

The Humane Society of the United States is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading up to the conviction of someone involved in dog fighting or other animal abuse. Spread the word about the reward, someone has to know something.

Please keep your pets safe, and help if you can. These are our beloved pets, friends, and family members.

Twin Falls Animal Shelter

420 Victory Avenue, Twin Falls
(208) 736-2299

Animal Control

Twin Falls County (208) 735-1911
Twin Falls City (208) 735-4357

Police Dispatch

Twin Falls County (208) 735-1911
Twin Falls City (208) 735-4357