A boy out of Jerome is turning 9 years old and all he wants for his birthday is a bunch of friends coming together for a giant water fight. If you have a kid around that age, the family is asking that they come together for one giant day of fun for a kid who really wants to make some friends.

Lora sent out a message asking people with kids around the age of 9 to come together for a giant water fight. She said he isn't in contact with most of his friends due to summer vacation so this is how they were hoping we could get everyone together.

They want a giant water balloon, super soaker, and water gun fight. If you have your own, please bring them. They aren't sure how many people are going to show up so it is probably best to bring your own.

It is going to be at the ICCU Park next to the Splash Pad in Jerome. It will be from 11 am until 1 pm. The 9-year-old said gifts are not necessary, he literally just wants some friends to have a water fight with.

As far as food, there will be a little bit available but they are asking it to be a pot luck style. Please bring some food to share. There will be a sheet cake and some Capri-Suns but there likely won't be enough for a ton of people.

Let's make this kid's birthday one he will never forget! Saturday, June 25th, ICCU Park in Jerome next to the splash pad! We really hope to see you there.

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