Since moving here I have always thought that I was born in the wrong state. I love Idaho and one thing I have noticed is that people who are born here tend to stay here. There are a few signs indicating that you were born and raised in Idaho.

And there is nothing wrong with being born and raised and staying in Idaho.


  • 1

    Your hunting license

    If you took hunters education course the moment you were old enough to do so and participated in youth hunts.

  • 2

    Owning all the guns

    Idahoans love their guns and they own all the guns. There is no such thing as too many guns.

  • 3

    Vote Red

    Idaho is a bright red state. Republican or bust.

  • 4

    Know how to pronounce Shoshone and Boise

    Even though Shoshone is an Indian tribe and they pronounce it that way, true Idahoans know how to pronounce the Shoshone Falls, or city or Shoshone and Boise doesn't have a "z" in it.

  • 5

    You know the difference between a "creek" "crick" and river

    There is a distinct difference between a "creek (pronounced crick" a "creek" and a river. You can explain them all as well.

  • 6

    You know all the Idaho counties

    There is a song about it that you probably remember to this day.

  • 7

    You Remember Treasure Cove

    And so many other places that no longer exist.

  • 8

    When Twin Falls were Twin Falls

    The city got the name from a set of waterfalls, only one seems to flow anymore.

  • 9

    Sugar Beets are life

    The sugar beet may be more important than the potato. There are so many jobs because of sugar beets.

  • 10

    You know how to make fry sauce

    Fry sauce is delicious and Idahoans have found ways to perfect the deliciousness. It goes on everything as well.

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