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Most people say a good sense of humor is an important thing to look for when they're dating.  But according to an article from "Psychology Today", a "good sense of humor" doesn't mean the same thing to men and women.

 According to at least one study, women are drawn to men who crack jokes and come up with funny comments, because it's a sign they're smart.

 But guys just look for women who LAUGH at their jokes.  And whether the WOMAN is funny doesn't really matter.  In fact, if she's TOO funny, men start feeling threatened and lose interest.

 In Germany, researchers found that the harder a woman laughs during a conversation with a male stranger, the more interested she is in dating him.  And how hard she laughs also coincides with how interested the GUY is in HER.

 But how much HE laughs during the conversation has nothing to do with how attracted he is.  In other words, if you're cracking a guy up, it doesn't necessarily mean he's interested.

 Guys also use humor differently than women do.  They use it to attract women, but also to compete with each other.  That's why men love coming up with nicknames and insults for their friends.

Women do it too, but not nearly as much.  Instead, women tend to use humor as a way to BOND with their friends.

 But none of this is set in stone.  A lot of men DO like funny women.  But those guys tend to be more secure, more mature, and more educated than the average guy. 

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