Idaho April Fool's Pranks We Wish Were Real
It was a pretty great April Fools Day if you ask me. So many people and businesses joined in on the fun. And I have to say, a lot of them I really wish were true. If only if only. Maybe we can make them happen!
April Fools
April Fools is next week! 35% of people will play an April Fools joke on someone. Everyone I know LOVES April Fools. So, I am on the defense most of the day. My husband plays a joke on me every year and some how after 8 years of marriage I still don't see the prank coming.
Worst April Fool's Joke?
The KEZJ Radio Ranch has seen a lot of April Fool's pranks over the years. I've almost called in sick on April Fool's Day because I live in fear each year!
April Fools
April fools can be a really fun holiday. I think we all have come into an office that has April Fools jokes everywhere. I ran into plastic wrap when I came in the studio door, my chair was tied to the doorknob and my computer mouse had been plastic wrapped...
Why Do Most Fish Live In Salt Water?
Sometimes you just need to laugh. Maybe you had a bad day because you got into a fight with your spouse or you went to work and the person you had to talk to all day was obviously annoyed by you. No matter what your reason is sometimes you just need to laugh at a laffy taffy or Popsicle stick joke..…
Tim McGraw Punks Luke Bryan
Tim McGraw is one of several artists notorious for playing practical jokes on his tour partners.  Luke Bryan is his most recent victim and while he seems to take it in stride, I think you can see just a smidge of "I'm going to kill you." in Luke's…

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