Why Do Most Fish Live In Salt Water?
Sometimes you just need to laugh. Maybe you had a bad day because you got into a fight with your spouse or you went to work and the person you had to talk to all day was obviously annoyed by you. No matter what your reason is sometimes you just need to laugh at a laffy taffy or Popsicle stick joke..…
Simple Pleasures That Don’t Cost You a Dime
Sometimes I think I laugh to much and then I have those days when it feels like I don't even crack a smile. In a new survey from PR Newswire, people were asked to name the best "simple pleasures" in life. 
 Here's what they found:
#1.)  Laughing, 22% of the v…
Woman Constantly Falls Asleep While Laughing
Claire Scott's medical condition is a laughing matter.
The 24-year-old British woman suffers from a rare disorder called cataplexy, in which she falls asleep whenever she laughs. The rare condition has caused her to pass out as many as 50 times each day since she was a wee little lass.
Women Like Funny Guys . . . But Do Guys Like Funny Women?
John Shearer Getty Images Most people say a good sense of humor is an important thing to look for when they're dating.  But according to an article from "Psychology Today", a "good sense of humor" doesn't mean the same thing to men and women.
 According to at least one study, wome…