Sometimes a person needs a pick-me-up. Something that no matter how you feel, will make you laugh and soothe the troubled soul. If there isn’t time to binge-watch ‘Psych’, movies are a great venue to assist in uplifting sorrowed spirits.

Let us take a journey through the minds of coworkers to see what funny movies can make them laugh through repeated viewings.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Going back in time to 1975, this British Comedy would not have been possible without the monetary investment from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson. Comedy genius that makes generations laugh nearly 50 years later.

Airplane! - In 1980, breaking the 4th wall became quite the rage. Comedy with cameos is an entirely different kind of flying, altogether.

Ghostbusters - Many of the main cast had worked together before, but never in anything so iconically funny. In 1984 they produced something magical.

Spaceballs - 1987 brought a beautiful Mel Brooks movie. One movie had to be picked or the list would be too long. Just watch all Mel Brooks movies repeatedly. Your life will be better for it.

Coming to America - Eddie Murphy kicked off his comedy movie career with 48 Hours, but this one is funnier. Let your Soul Glo.

Dumb and Dumber - 1994 may have been unmemorable to some people, but anyone who saw this movie will never forget it. Movie delivered exactly what the title promoted.

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist - In 2002, absurdity at its finest was brought to the public in an overdubbed foreign film with lip reading gone wrong.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy - A huge cast of funny comes together in flawless painful belly laugh comedy in 2004. There had to be a Will Ferrell movie in the list somewhere.

The Magic Valley Keeps Laughing at These Movies Over and Over

Listeners had some input on the list with their own movies that can be seen repeatedly and still make them laugh.

Happy Gilmore - 2nd big move for Adam Sandler’s particular type of comedy. Who doesn’t want to punch Bob Barker?

This is 40 - Who doesn’t realize their lives aren’t what they thought they would be at 40?

Kingpin - Who knew bowling was this cutthroat? Bill Murray’s character makes me think maybe he is just like this all the time. Comedy gold.

Nacho Libre - Well, something from Jack Black was destined to make a showing. A luchador with questionable skills is a recipe for giggles.

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That's our list and some from our listeners. What did we miss?

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