When it comes to decorating for certain holidays, some houses do it better than others. Every neighborhood seems to have that one home that is a legend in the area, that goes above and beyond. It can be by the amount of decorations they have, the kind that they have, or something unique that you don't see anywhere else. Halloween and Christmas are the two holidays that typically bring out the best and most unique displays, and while from time to time there will be a home that does something bizarre and different, perhaps it isn't always in the best taste. There is a thing as having your holiday decorations be inappropriate, and one home south of Idaho recently may have crossed that line.

Halloween Decorations Go Too Far

Some decorations are funny and some cross a line. Both can be true, but one home in Utah has been ordered to take down a certain display. As you can see above, there is a skeleton on a street sign dancing like a pole dancer, with other skeletons sitting around enjoying the show. Many find it comical and wish it would stay up, while parents and others find it in poor taste. The city of Grantsville, Utah has ordered that the display be taken down, but should it be?

Halloween Decorations in Idaho

Credit: vzphotos
Credit: vzphotos

While the display above could be deemed tasteless, it doesn't mean it should be taken down. Using a street sign would be more of an issue than the display itself. There are many decorations and displays around Twin Falls and the state of Idaho, with some being fun and light-hearted, some being scary, and even some being comical. Unless something is too offensive and over-the-top then most displays should be able to remain up. Halloween is meant to be scary, and gruesome, including gore, but also can be fun and comical as well. Drive around town and check out the decorations and see if you can find any that are deemed inappropriate. 

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Make sure to not use street signs, fire hydrants, or anything in your yard that belongs to the city the next time you decorate for the holidays. Make sure to have fun though and be creative. As you walk around with your little trick-or-treaters this year, make sure to enjoy the decorations and the hard work that goes into putting them up, and have a sense of humor. Don't take them too seriously, and besides, they will all be taken down soon anyway and replaced with Christmas decorations.

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