Wolverines are hard to catch on camera, they are elusive creatures. There are some that live in Idaho and we have video evidence that you definitely do not want to encounter a wild wolverine firsthand and up close and personal.

Let me start by saying that this has a happy ending for the person filming. They were lucky this wolverine was distracted by it's treat and it kept meandering on its way. I also believe that this was a wolverine from another state. But, again, Idaho does have wolverines.

The caption states that a biker was going through the area when the wild wolverine started making its way toward them. As it gets closer to the person filming, you start to see something very large in its mouth. At first, I thought it was a skunk or opossum or something. Nope. Take a closer look.

That is a full-on goat head! And it leaves me with so many questions and pretty much no answers! How did it get the goat head? Did it kill the goat, munch on it for a few days, and decide to carry the head with it for dessert? How did the biker not completely lose their mind when the wolverine got that close? Do wolverines eat dead things? Where did it end up after this?

All I do know is that I definitely do not want to get anywhere near something that can carry a full goat head for breakfast. I have heard that wolverines can be vicious when you do find them. Fortunately, they are pretty elusive, and seeing them is not that common.

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