Food delivery via drones is a subject that comes up from time to time. Whether or not it will ever be a reality worldwide is unknown, but the thought of having your favorite local food item lowered onto your front porch is pretty sweet.

For years now, there has been a lot of chatter about restaurants using drones as part of the food delivery process. A decade ago, there were rumors of a tacocopter being designed by Taco Bell as a way to fulfill dreams of having these crunchy delights rain down from above. This all turned out to be a bunch of hooey.

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In some countries such as Australia, they are experimenting with drone coffee delivery. There are obvious red flags that are raised when it comes to the subject. Public safety, piloting problems, and food security are all potential problems that might be impossible to overcome. It's still an intriguing prospect.

Having lived in the Magic Valley for years, there are a few local menu items I would love to have arrive at my door in a contact-free manner. An Evel Knievil Sandwich from the Twin Falls Sandwich Company would be a welcomed visitor to my front door. I'd also be fine with having a drone bring me a Blue Cheese Burger from the Anchor Bistro & Bar, or a Chicken Tamale from La Casita.

If food delivery via drone ever becomes a reality in Twin Falls, what's the one area menu item you would have delivered on a regular basis? 

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