The snowfall may have caused some issues driving for us in the lower elevations but it was music to the ears of Magic Mountain Ski Resort and other mountains. The feet of snow that fell this week may not really sit with you until you see these videos. It shows just how deep the snow has gotten up there and how great the ski conditions are now.

The first video was from earlier this week of a moose walking through the snow. If you wait for it, as the person on the ski lift pans to the right, you can see the moose. It is actually struggling to get through the snow itself! Do you know how big moose are?! Not to mention, absolutely beautiful to watch.

The next video shows just how hard it can be for a person to try to make their way through the snow. Admittedly, this looks like a ton of fun. I would not recommend jumping off a roof any other time than right now since there is a big puff of soft snow to break your fall.

I love that these two were supposed to be working and digging out today but instead decided to get stuck and dig themselves out. Who doesn't love playing in the snow?

The snow conditions are going to be great. If you are a skier or snowboarder you are definitely going to want to head up to Magic Mountain because I am not sure when the conditions have ever been better.

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