In spirit of the election, we decided to get a some votes collected ourselves. We want to know which restaurant is the best place to get Asian food in Twin Falls?

I hate that I had to put Panda Express on this list but I feel like it needed to be there. I personally feel like every other restaurant on this list is better. I have eaten at almost every single one of these restaurants and have not been disappointed. Which Asian style restaurant is your favorite? If I missed any, it was not intentional. Let me know and I will add them to the list.

I know it almost doesn't seem fair since each restaurant has it's own flair and you likely go to each one for different things. I mean, I go to Tokyo for sushi, Pho Taki for Pho, Prasai's for stir fry dishes and Wok N Grill for building your own Mongolian food. But, if you had to choose one place to eat for the rest of your life, you can't have any other Asian food in Twin Falls which one would you pick?

Even more so, what type of food do you think is missing in Twin Falls? I have heard people say that there is not enough Chinese food options but I think we have a pretty good selection. But it isn't up to me to vote for the faves, it is you guys. So what do you think.

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