Christmas in the Nighttime Sky returned this year to Kimberly Nurseries in Twin Falls on Friday evening. I was assigned by my boss to monitor the sound system that was cranking out holiday favorites to the large crowd in attendance.

Last year the annual Christmas in the Nighttime Sky toy drive and celebration was canceled due to Covid-19. Prior to 2020, I had gone to the previous two events and had a great time watching families interact, listening to Christmas music, and marveling at the fireworks that illuminate the evening sky for 15 to 20 minutes leading up to 8:00 P.M.

I arrived at Kimberly Nurseries at 4:45 P.M. on November 26, Black Friday, to work what was my final live event for Townsquare Media. This year's event marked the 30th annual. I dropped off a couple of toys to the collection volunteers on my way in, and noticed a large number of toys and bicycles had already been donated 45-minutes prior to the event beginning.

The familiar smell of chili and bonfires filled the air around me as I stood in the back of the property near the maintenance garage listening to KOOL 96.5, Twin Falls' "Christmas Station." One of my favorite things early on is watching the crews light the fires, in which there were six or so raging infernos keeping revelers warm on a cold November night.

It was a bittersweet experience for me as it was likely the last Christmas in the Nighttime Sky I'll be attending, with my family and I preparing to move 630-miles from Twin Falls on December 3. I want to thank all who donated toys to Magic Valley children at the event. I also enjoyed chatting with my amazing co-workers, and wish them all the best.

Happy Holidays Twin Falls!



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