According to authorities, there has been a huge increase in calls to the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls. In Idaho, 40 percent of adults reported symptoms of depression or anxiety. If you are one of those people, or you know someone or your child is someone, this is for you.

Mental health issues have been swept under the rug for far too long. It is important for you to know that you are not alone, you are not weak, you are not a burden, you are not crazy, your friends and family are not better off without you, the world is not better off without you, you do have a purpose in this world, you deserve to be in this world. And we want you to wake up tomorrow, no matter how many times, or how convincing those dark thoughts in your head tell you otherwise.

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If You Are Struggling With Mental Health Or Are In Crisis

Please, pick up the phone right now, literally right this second, and call 9-8-8. This is the crisis hotline for those who are contemplating suicide. You don't even have to call it, send it a text message. Someone will talk to you. Give yourself another chance to prove those awful thoughts wrong with the help of someone who knows what you are going through. This does not have to be the end. Please, don't let it be the end. Or drive to the Crisis Center of South Central Idaho at 570 Shoup in Twin Falls.

If you are struggling and not in crisis, there are lots of options for help. The Adult Behavioral center is a great option. They offer after-hour crisis lines for adults and children. You can also sign up through St. Luke's for counseling and psychiatric help. There are plenty of counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists available in the area, even if St. Luke's is not the route you want to go. You just need to find the right one for you.

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If Your Family, Friend, or Loved One Is Struggling

It is important to know that what they are going through is not your fault. Life is incredibly difficult and, while all people struggle, not everyone's brains work the same way. It is important for you to be there for them. It is important for you to ask them if they are ok, really, are you ok? It is important for you to let them feel the way they feel while also being supportive. Suggest options for getting help with counseling or therapy. Listen to them, reassure them, and love them the best you can. All of these things can help but they will not "fix" the feelings they are having. I know it sounds cliche, but support is the best way for you to help. And don't be afraid to call authorities if you believe they are a danger to themselves.

The world can seem like an awful place right now, and in some ways, it is. But the world is also beautiful and full of hope. Hope is unstoppable. Mental health issues are no longer something to be hushed. There are people like Kevin Hines who share hope and inspiration. Go to Bands at the Bridge and hear people's stories. There is a wonderful life to be lived. You just have to be here long enough to truly see it. Don't take away your chances of seeing the wonderful things you are going to do. Please, don't give up.

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