We decided to celebrate March Madness with a restaurant bracket! Vote for your favorite restaurants and we will continue to move them on in the bracket until one winner is named!

First of all, this is just for fun, if a restaurant didn't make the list it was not personal or intentional. Secondly, we broke the bracket down into 4 food categories: Mexican restaurants, Diners, Steakhousee/Other, and Bar/grills

First up is the Mexican Restaurant category. These restaurants are put up against each other and you need to vote for your favorites so they can move on to the next round.

This survey is just for fun. I love March Madness and am happy it came back this year. We just want to get a feeling of which restaurant has the most following, the most love and could potentially be voted the best restaurant in Twin Falls.

It is not going to be an easy decision. That is kind of the point. At first it seems pretty easy but as they get closer and closer to being ranked first, the decision gets harder and harder. But could you imagine being the restaurant named number one? That would be an ego boost. Might also make the restaurant more busy since everyone loves it so much.

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And again, this is just for fun, there was no malicious intent behind this post of the choosing of the restaurants. I love pretty much every single restaurant that I have eaten at here in Twin Falls. The categories were the hardest part to determine.

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