It is time for the Championship round of Twin Falls Restaurant Madness! We started with 64 restaurants with four different genres of food. We have made it down to the final two and it is your responsibility to vote for who the favorite Twin Falls restaurant is!

In the Championship Round it is Janitzio's Mexican Restaurant against Scooter's! Twin Falls has put Mexican food against the, always a favorite, burgers! Who will walk away with the trophy (this year).

Vote for your favorite. I was incredibly surprised to see that Janitzio's beat out Norm's! Twin Falls loves their breakfast foods but apparently, we love Mexican food more. Scooters toppled Maxie's, which again, crazy! Burgers apparently will beat out delicious pizza. Maxie's has been a staple to the area for a long time.

Honestly, all 64 restaurants on the list are amazing. Actually, all restaurants in Twin Falls and the surrounding areas are pretty epic. I haven't really had a bad meal around here. These polls were just for fun. Everyone loves the March Madness time of year.

So which restaurant will take the crown? Is it going to be Mexican food with Janitzio's or the burger category with Scooter's? The hard part is that Scooter's offers so much amazing food on their menu that isn't burgers, it might play in favor of them. We will announce the winner next week so there is plenty of time for people to get their votes in!

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