It has been a while since Twin Falls residents have reported hearing or feeling these mysterious booms, but we did come across some reports out of Jackpot, Nevada.

No one has come out and stated what these booms are. Some theorize that it is military-related but Mountain Home Air Force Base vehemently denies it. Sky quakes and sonic booms have been debunked by meteorologists and other professionals. It isn't an earthquake according to the geological sites. So we don't know, but they have decided to go to Jackpot.

Maybe like everyone else in the Magic Valley these booms decided to take an overnight trip to the Jackpot area for some fun. Several residents of Jackpot in a Facebook group stated they all felt and heard it. Some of them said they thought it was a sonic boom or even, just thunder. I honestly am not sure what it could have been. The booms just hit a little different in Jackpot.

Since I was not there to feel it firsthand, maybe the booms are different than the ones reported in Twin Falls. Maybe they do know what is causing those booms. Some of the ones in the Twin Falls area have been reportedly felt as far away as Hagerman.

I have a feeling we will be feeling them here sooner rather than later. They always seem to coincide with weather changes, probably just a coincidence. If the booms did decide to go to Jackpot for a good time, at least they stayed the night before attempting to come home.

Stay safe out there.

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