Idaho gets a lot of Bigfoot sightings. Darryl really likes it here I guess. There is a YouTube channel dedicated to Bigfoot and monster sightings and two Twin Falls enthusiasts shared their wild encounters.

The episode is a whopping hour long so you might want to give yourself some time if you want to watch the entire thing. These two men actually go out and try to find these things.

Tobby K discusses how he actually encountered these bipedal creatures that had glowing eyes and looked like "muddy dogs". He said they reminded him of the wolf looking thing from Never Ending Story. So these people don't just look for Bigfoot but they encounter other monsters as well.

Chuy O talks about his crazy encounters actually trying to communicate with Bigfoot which is crazy. And Chuy also has seen the Dog man, and he was hoping that he was seeing things and it was his imagination but Tobby saw it as well. In one of his encounters he actually sees tracks on his roof that look like they could have been from a dogman, his wife even saw it.

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I can't believe these two have the privilege of seeing these crazy animals on multiple occasions. I guess if you go out looking for stuff like that you are more likely to see it. I am not sure after hearing these encounters that I would want to go out and find these things. I would like to remain blissfully unaware and if I get killed by a werewolf or bigfoot or dog man, so be it, don't go after it.

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