The Twin Falls Candy Cane House continues its tradition again this year. The Christmas light display is one of the most magical in the area. It also takes the owner of the home weeks to get the display fully operational.

Information about the Candy Cane House

The Candy Cane House is located on the corner of Polk and Filer in Twin Falls. The display is animated and set to music which is one of many reasons why it takes so long for it to be set up. If you get close to it and scan your radio you can hear the music that is set to the lights.

When should it be ready?

Tentatively people will be able to go see the display the day after Thanksgiving. That is always the deadline that the owner of the house sets for himself. However, if there are any technical difficulties or issues they may be delayed a couple of days. The lights are on display through Christmas and it is free.

History of Candy Cane House

The Candy Cane House has been a Christmas light display staple for years. The owner had to take a two-year hiatus at one point due to family issues but when he returned to the decorations, he was just as excited as the community to have it back. Each year they tend to collect donations for different charities like Valley House or the food banks.

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