This haunted attraction has been in the news for several years because of the intensity surrounding it and the legality of it. Would Idahoans be able to beat this insane haunted attraction called the McKamey Manor?

The McKamey Manor

If you survive 8 hours in the haunted attraction, you win $20 thousand dollars. That being said, you have to sign a waiver that allows the people in the house to "kidnap" you, touch you and subject you to some very intense things. Some people who have gone through the attraction stated they were water boarded and tortured in other crazy ways. It is located in Tennessee and every time someone does not complete the haunted attraction, they are told to say "You Really Don't Want To Do This" to a camera that gets uploaded on YouTube as a warning for others

McKamey Manor On YouTube and Netflix

You can see some of the craziness behind the activities through Netflix and YouTube. The McKamey Manor is featured on the Netflix shows "Haunters: The Art Of The Scare" and "Dark Tourist" on episode 8. You can also see the YouTube channel and videos of those who attempted it.

Idahoans Might Be Able To Make It Through

Idahoans are a rare breed. They are some of the strongest people mentally and some physically, that I have ever met. The reason and Idahoan will NEVER complete this, is because they are smarter than that. Idahoans know that $20 thousand dollars is not worth 8 hours of literal physical and mental torture. We will just get up and go to work thank you very much.

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