There are few experiences more special than being a Boy Scout. If you were a scout in the Magic Valley back in the 1960's and 1970's, I found something on Ebay that will take you back.

According to the seller, this is a 1960's era Boy Scout neckerchief from Twin Falls. Here's their description:

This vintage neckerchief was issued by Troop 70 of Twin Falls, Idaho, probably in the 1960's.  Snake River Area Council.  This is a triangle neckerchief.  Silk-screened.  New condition, in original bag.

I have to wonder if any of the Snake River Council staff remember this one? Fellas? This might make a great Christmas gift for one of the senior members that maybe had one of these when they were a kid.

For more info on the Scouts in the Magic Valley, be sure to check out their official Facebook page.